WFC Airplanes

WFC Airplanes from 1941-1986. Click the image for a higher resolution version.

The “Warrington Flying Club” was originally organized as the “Brewster Flying Club” in May of 1941, by a group that was associated with the “Brewster Aircraft Plant” located in Johnsville, PA (now Warminster).  As originally organized, the club operated out of Somerton Airport in Philadelphia.

In the mid-1940’s, the U.S. Navy took over the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation and the club was asked to move and to drop the Brewster name. In 1947, the club moved to Warrington Airport and took on the name of “Warrington Flying Club”. On September 12, 1950, the club was incorporated as “Warrington Flying Club” in the Court of Common Pleas in Bucks County.

The club was moved to Montgomeryville Airport on October 11, 1953. The club operated out of Montgomeryville Airport for almost 25 years, until the airport was closed in 1975 due to its sale to become the Airport Square shopping center. At the time of the sale, the club moved to Central Bucks Airport (now Doylestown Airport), its residence since then.


The Club meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:30pm. In the summer months (June through September), meetings are held in one of the Club hangars at Doylestown airport. In the winter months, meetings are held at various locations in and around Doylestown. Guests can be invited to meet members, upon request to any Director.


To become a member of the Warrington Flying Club, one must be recommended by a member in good standing, and be approved by the board of Directors of the Club. The membership is limited to 25 by the By-laws. We usually have 20 members though.  The club is a non-profit corporation with each member owning a share. New members purchase their shares from the Club. When a member wishes to leave the Club, the Club repurchases the share from them.

The purchase price of a share of common stock is $5,500 from the club.  When a member chooses to leave the club, the common stock share is repurchased by the club for $4,500. Current monthly membership dues are $250 per month effective January 2012. There is a $25 per month additional assessment in 2012 to address the replacement engine in N584LQ. A new 0 time engine was replaced on 192MC the 172 on 1-1-15.

The operations of the Club are conducted so as to avoid assessments to members. The aircraft are maintained to very high standards. Currently each of the two aircraft flies about 200 hours per year. Availability is good. The reservation policy is flexible, except no more than two reservations can be made by any member at one time. The Club insurance policy requires that pilots have certain minimums in terms of pilot certification and minimum logged PIC time.


All FAA requirements, including license rating, medical certificate, biennial flight review, etc. must be current. New members to the Club must have received a satisfactory logged check ride by a certificated flight instructor (CFI) in each Club aircraft that he or she intends to fly. The logged check ride does not have to be with a Club CFI.

New members must also receive a satisfactory check ride by a check pilot designated by the Club, as well as comply with any time-in-type requirements of the Club or the Club’s insurance.


The Club uses an internet reservation system called A User ID and password are provided to each member to access this service.


Flight time on Club aircraft is billed “Hobbs time wet”. The 172 and 182 use a Hobbs meter to record time. The minimum time for each flight is 0.5 hour. If you record less than 0.5 hour you will be billed for 0.5 hour. The current rates are:

N192MC C-172S $100.00/hour as of January 19, 2015

(subject to change due to costs)

N584LQ C-182T $140.00/hour as of August 1, 2011

(subject to change due to costs)